Youth Diakonia


More Information about OUR YOUTH DIAKONIA leadership and events will be posted soon. Be sure to visit us in the next few weeks for more additions.

Policies for the Safety of Youth and Children

Please find the NEW POLICIES FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUTH AND CHILDREN set by our Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the new standard for Youth Safety across the Archdiocese, by following the link here or directly at   

For any questions, complaints or other concerns about Youth Programming or Youth Workers, please use the following contacts:

Youth Safety Compliance Officer
Fr. Earl Cantos 480-440-2277

Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Steven Christoforou 646-519-6780

Metropolis of Atlanta
Monica Gjerde 404-634-9345 ex 5

District Vicor
Fr. Vasileios Tsourlis 704-334-4771 extension 101

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Fr. Steven Klund 910-392-4455

Youth Safety Administrator
Stella McTaggart