Christ is Risen!!!

    04.19.20 | News & Articles by Fr. Steven Klund


    Christ is Risen from the Dead, by death trampling down upon death, and to those in the tombs He is Granting Life!!! On Sunday morning, April 19, the Saint Nicholas Family joins the Orthodox world in celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank all of our faithful for worshipping with us from home using our enhanced online livestreaming services. We understand that our families may be forced to adjust to this 2020 Easter celebration from home. So we hope to provide as best we can for you here on our website. Scroll down to read and watch news and resources for your family to celebrate the Feast of Feasts...

    Paschal Message from His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros

    The Archdiocese has posted a special Archpastoral message offered from His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros. Also, as part of our global Paschal celebration the Archdiocese is launching a "Come Receive the Light" campaign for our faithful. Click here to learn more.

    Celebrate Pascha with Saint Nicholas

    We invite all of our faithful to celebrate our Paschal services with us online by using our newly enhanced livestream system. Click here to watch our services LIVE on Youtube (Resurrection Vigil - 9am, Pascha Liturgy - 10am, Agape Vespers - 11:30am). Also, don't miss the opportunity to Light a Candle online and request us to offer a prayer for you and your family at Church! Click Here to do so, and make sure to write your prayer requests in the "notes" section of the confirmation page.

    Finally, you can drive by Saint Nicholas today between 11am-2pm to purchase a 7-day vigil candle with the Resurrectional Flame to bring to your home. Suggested donations start at $10 per candle, and we will have Parish Council members on hand to personally deliver the candles to your car window by the Narthex entrance. Christ is Risen!!!

    Holy Week Storytime Videos for Kids

    In hopes of offering some spiritual assistance to our young families, Saint Nicholas will be offering a new online video series "Saint Nicholas Storytime." These short videos will feature spiritual picture books read by faithful stewards of Saint Nicholas. Today, in celebration of Great and Holy Pascha, Maria Stasios reads to our children about our Lord's Glorious Resurrection! Enjoy the video included below to help your family celebrate our Lord's victory over death this Easter! You can also see the first two entries in the series (Saint Lazarus and Palm Sunday) that started this series. Also, in case you missed it, click here to watch the recap of the first half of Holy Week, and also look back at our Holy Friday Storytime.

    Young Family "Holy Week from Home" Kits

    Posted last weekend on the Metropolis of Atlanta website was an extremely useful "Holy Week At Home" family kit. This kit was created by Fr. Sampson Kasapakis in Pensacola, FL as a way of keeping young families spiritually engaged during Holy Week. The lessons and activities contained inside take your family all the way up to the Feast of Pascha. It's never too late to enjoy the beauty of Holy Week with your Family, so feel free and use today with your children as we glorify Christ's Rising from the dead! 

    Click Here to Download the "Holy Week at Home" Kit