The Reopening of Saint Nicholas

    05.26.20 | News & Articles by Fr. Steven Klund


    Make every effort to come together more frequently to give thanks and glory to God. For when you meet together frequently, the powers of Satan are overthrown and his destructiveness is nullified by the unanimity of your faith - St Ignatius (Letter to Ephesians 13:1-2)

    Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    It is with great longing and deep gratitude that I write you. Since Mid-Lent our doors have been shut, forcing the faithful to worship from their homes remotely due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Yet this time apart has been put to the best use possible. We have made great strides in our technology ministries by completely revamping our Church website and livestream services. We have found creative means of reaching out to our faithful via personal phone calls to every household, as well conducting our parish meetings, weekly Sunday School classes, and Synaxis sessions using “Zoom” and “Youtube Live.” Finally, not even this global Pandemic could derail the monumental step we took last month towards our future when we completed the long-awaited purchase of the “Back Building” (606 S College Road)!

    Despite all of this, we still felt a tremendous hole in our hearts as the pews remained empty week after week. Thus, we are thrilled to have received the blessing from the Metropolis to reopen our doors to you the faithful this month! This process will be a gradual transition, and we are taking the appropriate measures to make sure that we do not jeopardize the health of our Saint Nicholas Family. Please be aware of the following protocols of note:

    • All MUST wear a face mask at all times.
    • All must “sign in” (providing a Phone number)
    • Temperatures will be taken at the door
    • All must wash/sanitize hands upon entering/exiting
    • No service books will be provided
    • Candles will be lit for you by our Parish Council
    • All will be seated 6 feet apart (all “overflow” attendees will worship from the Fellowship Hall or their cars)
    • There will be no socializing/gathering after the service (no hugs, kisses, or handshakes)
    • Holy Communion will be offered in the usual manner (but antidoron will only be given at dismissal)

    We assure you that we are doing all that we can to promote the health and safety of our faithful. Even so, we understand if some parishioners are still a little hesitant to venture out into public. Furthermore, we highly encourage our seniors and our stewards making up the “at risk population” to continue to worship from home using our online livestream. For anyone seeking encouragement or further resources regarding the pandemic and how it pertains to the celebration of the Holy Sacraments please visit:

    Click Here for the Complete List of Directives from the Metropolis of Atlanta

    With Great Hope in Christ,

    Fr. Steven Klund