Liturgical Ministries

"Serving God acceptably with reverence & godly fear." -Heb. 12:28

"How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven."

- Genesis 28:17

Our Mission

Saint Paul reminds us in Hebrews 12:28 that Reverence and Godly Fear are habits of conduct and behavior that must be inscribed in the hearts and minds of all our volunteers who assist during our worship services. Whether it be our Acolytes in the Holy Altar, our Ushers, Chanters, Prosfora or Koliva teams; when these groups provide their acceptable service, all of the faithful in attendance are able to worship in a joyful and efficient manner.

Much like the angels who serve at the Lord's throne in Heaven, these volunteer ministries are called to serve the Lord in His Holy Sanctuary here on earth. In doing so these men and women assist the clergy in the celebration of the Divine Mysteries while helping to create a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere within the Church.


Chanters & Readers

The Saint Nicholas Byzantine Choir leads the congregation in worship and encourages them to participate during the services. This ministry of music is vital to the life of the Church and greatly enhances the worship experience at Saint Nicholas. All music is sung in both English and Greek, and no previous choral experience is necessary. Additionally, this ministry also offers opportunities to assist with the recitations of the readings during the services. We invite you to join us and deepen your involvement in our worship at Saint Nicholas!

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Prosforo Ministry

Simply put, the Prosforo Ministry is quite possibly the most "essential" ministry when it comes to our Church Services. "Prosforo" (in Greek meaning "that which is OFFERED") is the name for the bread that is baked in preparation for the Divine Liturgy every Sunday. It is this bread that is consecrated during the service to become the very Body of Christ that we receive during Holy Communion. Without this Prosforo, there can be no Liturgy! Please help us by serving on our team of dedicated bakers who offer this bread (and more importantly themselves!) every week.

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Koliva Ministry

The Orthodox Church understands that those who have fallen asleep in the Lord are not dead or lost. They are alive in Christ, and are actively praying for us in Heaven (Mark 12:27). Therefore we make sure to pray for our loved ones by scheduling a special memorial service once a month at the end of Liturgy to remember the departed. If you have a loved one who fell asleep during a particular month, please consider offering or sponsoring a Koliva (a memorial dish of boiled wheat and sugar) for the scheduled memorial service that month. All proceeds from sponsored Koliva dishes will be used to support future ministries at Saint Nicholas.

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The Acolytes (Altar Boys) are the liturgical representation of the angels who serve at the Lord's throne in Heaven. They assist the clergy in all liturgical matters that take place during the Divine Liturgy, and other worship services in our sanctuary. All boys in the parish in fourth grade and above may serve as an Altar Boy. Altar Boys must be on time each Sunday (10:00 am) and participate at the special services throughout the year.

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